Homo Sapiens Vs Neanderthal Essay

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The emergence of two human species; the homo sapiens and the Neanderthals are fundamental in order to compare two different kind of human in the past remembering that Homo Sapiens has similarity to modern human. According to the book “Worlds Together, Worlds Apart”, In this part we are going to explain with details the emergence of two human species This two types of human are very important due to the Neanderthals is called as the bridge or link between the apes and modern human, some theories say that Neanderthals were the primary precursors of Europeans, but it is not true. In 1856 they found a skull in the Neander Valley that represented the missing link between apes and humans. Comparing to the homo sapiens, the Neanderthals share similar cultures as the sapiens because…show more content…
This comparison makes easier to understand how the human were evolving and see the differences between apes and humans in their cultures and way of life, also to know how some species could develop their selves and others could not by the pass of the year. Their brain was not complex as now in modern humans, so they used to have a limited cognitive abilities than homo sapiens. Then, homo sapiens is called Cro-Magnon after a fossil were discovered. Then some discovers compares them and concluding that the Neanderthals had short arms and legs that could make them stronger than Cro-Magnon, but they were awkward and clumsy. Physical dexterity and high intelligence were advantages of the Cro-Magnon because they had cognitive skills as language abilities and seeing their environment in symbolic ways that the others did not possess. This was the end of a long evolutionary cycle. (Tignor 18). Also, Homo sapiens would come to eclipse the Homo

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