Odyssey Charisma Confidence And Courage

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Charisma, Confidence and Courage What are the traits required for a hero? What do they need, to persevere and overcome obstacles? Throughout all forms of literature, there is often a prevailing set of traits that are necessary for a hero to complete his journey successfully. It is clear that charisma, confidence and courage are vital for a hero to triumph in the face of hardship. These traits are beneficial in getting past obstacles, making alliances, and more. By using these traits to their advantage, hero’s are able to make it through their tough and testing journey’s. The results of having these traits are almost all positive, but can be detrimental to their character if they are not well balanced. The key items which each individually…show more content…
Confidence allows for a person to approach new obstacles, new people, and new hardships without missing a beat. The self trust in one's own ability and choices is vital to successful leadership. But if someone were to be overconfident then it can be a hamartia. Odysseus is a model of confidence, but sometimes overly so. Odysseus is just escaping from a Cyclops who has killed a multitude of his men, it is not enough for him to injure the cyclops, but he also is determined to taunt him, which puts his crew in danger. “I called back to the Cyclops, stinging taunts: So, Cyclops, no weak coward it was whose crew you bent to devour there in your vaulted cave, you with brute force...[the cyclops] heaved it so hard the boulder lander just in front of our dark plow (9.531-533...9.537-538). The cyclops almost kills him because of his overt self confidence. Now, even though Odysseus may be over confident at some points, his confidence is vital because without it, he would not be able to lead his crew and overcome challenges so well. There is a similar personality that Koyla has, “[Koyla's] confidence was so pure and complete it no longer seemed like arrogance, just the mark of a man who had accepted his own heroic destiny.” This is demonstrative of the similar confidence to a point of being over confident, but nonetheless, it is beneficial in keeping them well on their journey is cases too (98). Confidence is a very common trait within heros, and it is also often overdone to the point of Hubris. In some instances that will hurt them on their journey, but it others, it helps them prevail past obstacles and trust their own decisions as a

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