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How the Criminal Justice Process Works To better understand the problem with Black young community and why they are being incarcerated, we have to understand how the Criminal Justice Process works in these times. The Process is different from the past, and the “justice” works for most of the people. First, starting by define the meaning of Criminal Justice System. The System is the group of Government agencies that are in charge of control the crime in the society. There are two systems: the Federal Justice System and the State Justice System. Both of them have the same functions, but the laws on each are different. In the Federal Justice System, the Congress make laws, and the Federal agencies enforce them. On the other hand, in the State Justice System the laws are enforced by local police, the Judge sentence the criminal for violate local or state laws, and the sentence is pay on locally jails or correctional institutions. The Process of the Criminal Justice System in most of the cases has a sequence of four stages. The first one is Entry to the System which contains the report of the crime, the investigation where Police Officers…show more content…
At this stage, the Officers make the charges to the suspect. This is an important step because the police could decide if they file written charges, or release the suspect without take any action. If they decide to present charges, the suspect has to appear on the Court for the first time. After the first Court, the Judge decides if hold the suspect in jail, or release him/her with the payment of a bail. The Judge with also considers factors as drug use, criminal records, residence, employment, and family to make a decision. Even when a Judge made a decision, the accused has the right to be heard by a jury to determine if there is enough evidence to incarcerate him/her. When the accused is informed of the Jury resolution, he/she can plead guilty, no guilty of no

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