Honor In The Odyssey

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Introduction Along with recurrence and tradition, the actions of Beowulf and The Odyssey demonstrate the earnest and the label of protagonist through courage, honor, and a will of righteousness. Written between the times of 800 and 600 BCE, The Odyssey is one of the most recognized works of early poetry. Written by a composer by the name of Homer, it tells of a story of a hero that is working his way home from war. This is not just hero, but his name is Odysseus, who is basically the Dwayne Johnson of Ancient Greece: keen, robust, handsome, courageous and treasured by the gods. Along with the Odysseus, Beowulf continues to be one of the most significant works of English literature and it tells us of the importance of the valiant code known as Beowulf. Over the course of this poem, we follow Beowulf as he develops from what we know as a hero, but into a great leader. While both The Odyssey and Beowulf show the meaning courageous through their journeys, “we learn the code of values that goes into each of their roles that exlemphies the code of heroic” (Hubbard 2.2). The Odyssey Within the time of ancient…show more content…
Athena’s would speak and support Odysseus in support of the heroic conquers and would ask that of Zeus for him to step up and help of her support. After deliberation, a messenger of the gods, Hermes would be sent to Calypso’s island and inform that Odysseus will be allowed to leave so that he can leave and return home. After the message is delivered, Calypso would state the gods are living by what they call double standards. At this point, Odysseus by himself will remain dependent such as he did at Troy; however, his crews along with other boats were all wrecked during his journeys. Calypso would help him build a new boat and supplies it with necessities from her island. Although with much sadness, she sits on the island and watches objects that she loves sail away with
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