How I Live Now Analysis

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How I Live Now Timed Write “I was dying, of course, but then we all are. Every day, in perfect increments, I was dying of loss”(168). Are some people forced to grow up too quickly? In How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff, Daisy moves from New York City to the English countryside with her cousins. Things seem better than they were at home until a war breaks out and she is forced to take responsibility for her younger cousin. She is faced with the war and has to mask her fear and be there to comfort her cousin. Daisy is forced to grow up and change her naive and selfish ways when the war hits home. Before the war, Daisy is innocent, although she doesn't realize this. “Then edmond and Piper came and lay down on the blanket, one on either side of me with piper holding my hand as usual and Isaac still standing in the water looking peaceful and they started arguing about what flies trout liked best in a quiet lazy sort of way…”(20). This shows that there were moments of peace and innocence that all experience before the war hit home front. Of course there were parts of Daisy’s life that were not innocent, but overall, she possessed that childhood naivety. Especially in this quotation you can see that she had innocence. They share this innocent last moment when they are completely oblivious to the…show more content…
We didn't speak but i held Piper’s hand and told her over and over that i loved her through the blood beating in my veins and running down through my hand and into her fingers. Her hand started out limp and cold like a dead thing but i willed it back to life…”(144). This shows that Daisy is no longer forcing this role of nurturer and comforter, along the way somewhere she becomes this strong character. She knows what to do in these positions because it has become her normal, for so long everyday she was trying to survive and soon that person just came natural to
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