Worldview In Albert Wolters 'Creation Regained'

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In today’s society it is easy to dismiss God and the work that He is doing because the world is a broken place due to the fall. In his novel, “Creation Regained,” Albert Wolters seeks to answer the question of how to live out the Bible in a society that is tainted with sin and brokenness, as well as how the secular world and biblical world overlap and are an integral part of each other. According to Wolters, a worldview is defined as “the comprehensive framework of one’s basic beliefs about things” (2). After defining a worldview, he launches into an analysis of a reformed worldview that is narrowed down to be a basic guideline for believers to live a life according to the Bible. As Wolters expands on his analysis of three fundamental components to our history as humans — creation, fall, and redemption – he goes into detail of…show more content…
The final chapter on redemption places an emphasis on each believer’s part in God’s redemptive plan and why it is vital that we hold out for the promises that God has made. One of Wolter’s strongest points in this chapter is the idea that, “Christ is not satisfied with halfway measures” (79). Wolters encourages believers to not cut God short within their worldview; since our worldview effects how we live and make decisions, it is imperative that we give Christ credit where it is due. Wolters argues that although it is indeed true that Christ will come again, he has not yet come and for now we are stuck in the ‘in-between’ period. However, Wolters makes it very clear that Satan is no match for Christ and in the end Christ will win. I found this particular section of the book not only encouraging, but it also gave me a sense of empowerment: God is not done working and each member of His kingdom get to have a part in

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