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Hananiah M. Tulalian JOU21 Feature Writing about Typhoon Ruby TYPHOON RUBY: FILIPINOS ALREADY LEARNED The Filipinos became alert when PAG-ASA forecasted that there will be coming typhoon, internationally called as Typhoon Hagupit and locally known as Typhoon Ruby. The people became more alert when they got informed that the coming typhoon is stronger than Typhoon Haiyan (locally called as Yolanda) who killed more than 14 million people and left 7,000 dead or missing people until now, according to GMA NEWS. Out of fear, the people evacuated before the typhoon landed fall in their areas to the evacuation communities after receiving the information that there will be possible 4-meter storm surges in Samar, Leyte and Masbate areas especially those coastal areas or areas near the oceans/seas.…show more content…
Since the typhoon will surely attack the Visayas region and a few of Southern Luzon and some areas in Mindanao, maybe in some places, they did not experience the hit of the said typhoon (Typhoon Ruby), they were lucky unlike those areas where the focus and center of typhoon is especially in Samar or somewhere in Visayas, they were always hit by strong typhoons and in fact, they are still recovering after having a devastating loss (loss of properties and love ones), according to their estimation, they already recovered for up to 70 percent out of 100 percent of recovery. Filipinos really learned from their past experiences and they did not want to repeat the devastating and heart-breaking past of their lives. No one wants to lost their family and property, no one wants to see their house been ruined by the strong winds and heavy rains, no one wants to see their love ones and neighbours dying helplessly. It is better to follow instructions than losing your life. The Filipinos expected too much from Typhoon Ruby and miraculously, the supposed to be super typhoon stronger than

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