Seed Dispersal Lab Report

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Seed Dispersal Lab Report - Rick Parapperi Seed dispersal is a mechanism used by many plants to spread their genetic material far away from the parent. Some common methods of dispersal are wind, water, explosion, fire, and animal. Wind dispersal is a method many plants have developed which allows seeds to fly with a blowing wind. The seeds may end up anywhere when the wind begins to stop blowing, making this a very effective way of sending out seeds. An example of this is dandelions, their seeds are light, allowing them to be blown by a gentle breeze. Water dispersal is a method where seeds that fall from trees living near water bodies get carried away by the current. Water can take the seeds to islands very distant from the starting point. Plants like the…show more content…
Using tape, attach two beans to the front of the glider. How to make dispersal mechanism #2(Helicopter) Fold piece of paper once, from the shorter side Cut paper in half on the fold With one half sheet of paper, fold in half once more and cut down along the crease Repeat this once more With a pencil draw a line across the middle of the paper Draw a line below the first line From the first line drawn, draw a line to the top of the paper On the second line, draw two dots splitting the bottom half of the paper into thirds Cut the line drawn from the top of the page to the middle of the line, where there are no dots Where two dots are drawn, cut from the side to the dots on both sides On the short side, fold flaps to create a base Fold up a small part of the bottom and tape down On the top, fold down Do the same on the other side, but fold in the other direction, backwards and up Bring both folds up 90 degrees Insert two beans into one of the folded areas on the side of the helicopter How to make dispersal mechanism #3(Flat glider) Stack two pieces of paper on top of each other Orient the papers into

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