How Homework Affected My Life

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Cold and fatigued, I was on my way to home. Nothing could soothe my troubles on that day. Upon stopping at the bumpy driveway, I got off the bus and started walking my way home. I had nothing to look forward to but another lengthy afternoon of homework. Slowly strolling down the rocky and wooded pathway, I heard a strange thumping noise. It was almost like a horse, trotting down the path, but it was much smaller than that. The thumping got closer, and closer, "RUFF! RUFF!" I heard coming down the path. It was no more than the deep barking my dog, Connor. He ran down the path, and slammed into me, rubbing against my leg. He licked my hand as I reached down for him with his rough tongue. I stroked his white fur as he circled me, and he loved…show more content…
In fact, I was feeling much better after meeting up with Connor. I went and reclined on the couch, and Connor jumped up and snuggled with me. I felt a sort of warmth on the inside. This was the moment that I realized how much my dog really affected my life, he had completely made me forget about my homework and I was in a much better mood. It was this moment that gave me the belief of how much a dog enhances my life, and this is one that I'll never forget. Connor was a white Labrador, I adopted him when he was a puppy. We grew close together, and each day I'd look forward to seeing him. I took responsibility for him, and each day I'd feed, walk, and play with him. I had him for 4 years, his entire…show more content…
Being heavily attached to a dog for 4 years and then having him taken away took a big toll on my life. It was another long school day, while at school, I had no idea of what had just happened back at home. Connor was an outdoors dog, and he usually stayed near the house. We'd never see him wander down to the road, but for some reason, he did. It wasn't any easy road to cross, it was 4 lanes wide and usually had plenty of cars passing by. Poor Connor didn't even get pass the first lane. When I got home, something just didn't feel right. No thumping, no barking, just birds and the leaves crunching beneath my feet. I cautiously walked up the trail to home. Connor was nowhere in sight, with worried feelings, I went inside. I wasn't expecting such a horrible sight. Connor's lifeless body lay on the floor in front of the fireplace, surrounded by my parents. I rushed over to him, hoping for some small movement, anything. I felt a knot quickly build up in my throat, and I burst into tears. My parents buried him next to his doghouse, as I could not do it myself. I felt depressed for the entire week, and felt like I'd never let him go. After a month, it was past, and I was back to my old

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