Everyday Life During The Great Depression Essay

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Life During The Great Depression The Great Depression was a long and a relentless recession within the economy and its people. After the stock market crash in 1929, the country changed tremendously. Most of the people had to change their normal everyday lives into a life they weren’t used to. This affected all ages from young to old, forcing the people to lose their jobs and possibly relocate. The middle class which was used to living a safe lifestyle were now left without money nor security. Due to the shutting down of community schools, many children were deprived of their education. During this time, many teenagers would leave their family in search of a life on their own. People often referred to them as “riding the rails.” Around 250,00 teenagers were found wandering America by freight trains. Previously, the Great Depression the economy was booming. The assembly lines started to revolutionize manufacturing,…show more content…
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