Should There Be Vegetarian Satire

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Plastic wrapped, vacuum sealed, canned, and on every shelf of every market across the country, meat is an ever present entity within our everyday lives. Appearing in supermarkets, in commercials, incorporated into almost every meal at restaurants, and with our society’s recent obsession with bacon, it has become a part of nearly every single product imaginable. This dependence on meat takes a major toll on the environment, and most importantly, is cruel and inhumane to the living creatures involved. Animals hold a special place in my heart and I care about the survival of our planet far too much to support the corrupt and malicious process of the mass production and slaughter of animals. For these reasons, I have proudly chosen to be vegetarian for the past four years and will continue this moral diet for years to come.…show more content…
We as a society refuse to consider the cruelty that went into the burger for lunch or the steak at supper. Dissociating ourselves from the fact that it is a dead animal that we are eating by calling it by different names than the animals themselves; beef, veal, mutton, pork, poultry, venison, classifying it from where on the animal it comes from, and classifying it from the darkness of it, we no longer are forced to think of the fact that an animal is slaughtered then processed into the indistinguishable shapes nor do we have to feel the guilt of recognizing the loss of life that had to take place. We fail to recognize that animals are mass produced factory line style and bred purely for our own taste palates. Pumped with hormones, animals are force to gain weight to produce more meat only so others can profit off it. And if these animals are left to their own devices, they would surely die. We have bred these living creatures to be completely dependent on us, to a point of predetermined extinction if something were to happen to us, and yet we have no respect for their own individual lives. According to the businesses that we rely on for our

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