Comparing Juliet And The Jacket

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Have you or anyone you know have had problems with money or more precisely don't have enough money for your necessities? Imagine two stories with a similar conflict and looking for the similarities and differences between them. This is important that you read because you can't always get everything you want and it's not always going to be perfect. My thesis is that all people are different and react different or may I say all families are different. My first comparison that I made is between the main characters from both stories, which are Yollie from Mother and Daughter, and Gary from The Jacket. A difference that I found between the characters is that when Gary gets his jacket he didn't like it, but when Yollie gets her dress she loves it but gets ruined at the end. My evidence to support my opinion of Gary not liking the jacket is when he describes in page #1 how he felt about the jacket "I wanted to cry because…show more content…
In the story "The Jacket" Gary was bullied by the appearance of his jacket and his classmates just gossiping and the worst part teachers were no help. Yollie was treated way differently as a matter of fact she wasn't even bullied, nobody even noticed at the dance that her dress was bleeding from the dye and rain. My evidence that supports my opinion is in page #3 when Gary was explains how he was bing treated "during the morning recess Frankie T., the playground terrorist, pushed me to the ground and told me to stay there until recess was over." And also "the teachers were no help: they looked my way and talked how foolish I looked in my new jacket." For Yollie my textual evidence is in page #4 where it is being explained the moment Yollie finds out her dress is bleeding "The dye was falling from her dress like black tears. Yollie stood up. Her dress now the color of ash. She looked around the room. The other girls, unaware of Yollie's problem, were to busy with

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