How Has Football Impacted My Life

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In my free time, I enjoy watching the sport on television is just as enjoyable as playing it. Oddly, football has always seem to imbue my life in one way or another. Sometimes, I feel like I was born to dream, eat, live and breathe football. Football is such addictive sport I could not possibly image living on Earth without it. Nonetheless, football has impacted my life in such an amazingly positive way and has definitely shaped my mind into this beautiful art of sophistication. When I was in elementary school, I got introduced to football by a couple of neighborhood boys. Soon as I felt the rough texture of the oblong ball, I knew it would change my life forever. I loved learning the defensive and offensive plays. When I played offense and actually had the ball while charging down the field, I felt unstoppable and nobody could touch me. My adrenaline set in and I was invincible. Of course I almost cried when I finally made a touchdown that won the neighborhood game. Soon after I became comfortable enough to accelerate and score many points as I could offer. I was often the MVP during the majority of my games during my early football experiences. I was always able to contribute to my team in a positive way no matter if we won or lost…show more content…
I had future hopes of becoming a professional athlete but I knew that was impossible being that I am a female. A fully figured curvy women would not fit into with the stocky, muscular males. Even though I could not professionally play football, I still inspired to learn everything and beyond. Watching other teams play and studying their every foot step. Going to their practices and witnessing the hard work and dedication it took to participate in the sport. Amused by the discipline the players showed each and every game. Sharpening their minds not only to pursue their dream, but to be successful in life. I took every lesson to heart and implied it in my

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