How Does Dickens Present Miss Havisham

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In the novel, “Great Expectations,” Charles Dickens thoroughly expresses the good and bad in people’s nature. During this time, Miss Havisham was really lonely and was at a very low point in her life. This scene shows Pip entering the Satis house and sees Miss Havisham engulfed in flames. After seeing this, Pip puts out the fire and holds onto her until help arrives. Dickens included the fire incident in his work to show Miss Havisham’s true nature, Pip’s compassionate personality, and the connection between Miss Havisham’s and Pip’s great expectations. Dickens wanted to show a relationship between Miss Havisham and fire. From the fireplace, there is more smoke than fire. A smoky fire causes tears, and creates an uninhabitable environment for others. Where a fire brings warmth and light, smoke delivers darkness and cold. Miss Havisham is a smoky fire. She allows family into her house, but, like the smoky fire, makes the home unfit to live in. She does not welcome them into her home and also does not want them to be there. On her wedding day, her life started out as a newly kindled flame. Then when she was abandoned, the flame morphed into embers and smoke…show more content…
No matter what someone does to him, if he loves them, he will always love them and forgive them no matter what. Miss Havisham treated Pip very poorly and shined a mirror on him to show him what life he was living. Dickens shows that Pip will help you even if you treat him poorly, and even love you (like Estella), if you push him down. Miss Havisham forced Pip to play with Estella even though she knew Estella hated him. This caused Pip great discomfort. By putting Pip through this, it showed how cruel she was to men, and how she didn’t care. The fire scene, however, showed how even though Pip goes through pain from people, he is very compassionate and will help you even though you had hurt him. It also shows that Pip is very forgiving and never holds grudges if he cares about

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