Narrative Essay About Christmas

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The leaves are falling kids buying their Halloween costumes people drinking apple cider and eating Caramel apples it probably means it's Fall. I love Fall because you can wear sweatshirts whenever you want I love going to bonfires during Fall because it's like 45 degrees and when you have bonfires with friends is the best because you just sit around the fire and talk about just random stuff I also love going because during Fall Kings Island is opened for the haunt and it is very fun to go to the haunted houses, Haunted trails and also just ride a bunch of rides I also like to see the animals there at Kings Island speaking of animal this is the time I didn't think my sister was an animal The worst-thing that has ever happened to me was when…show more content…
And I still have that quad till this day it is my little brothers now he loves to ride it and I have my own quad so we ride them together at our house sometimes we even go on trails This is also the year I first played Football My hobby is football and wrestling I like football because I like to hit people I mostly like it because everything that i’m stressed about goes away when you're on that field it just makes you feel relieved and I love wrestling because I like taking people down and it is just very fun and one more thing about football I just love the game I met most of my friends during Football and were friends till this day and after a football game I usually would go home and watch friends Toys shows that has impacted my life were full house and friends. Full house has taught me a lot of stuff such as being nice and don’t take anything for granted let's say that you have a good life don’t brag about it because some people don’t have good lives people might be struggling with life and friends is just my favorite show because it is very funny and I can watch it all the time because it doesn’t get old i've been watching friends since I was 7 years old and I still love it till his

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