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Carrie Underwood was born on March 10, 1983. She was one of three daughters born to parents Stephen and Carole Underwood. Carrie was brought up on the family farm in Checotah, Oklahoma. She grew up singing at local talent shows, school plays, churches, and later on at local events around town. According to Carrie, People always looked at her like a “Country bumpkin”. She would soon show them what the “country” had done for her. At a very young age of 14 Carrie auditioned for Capitol Records. In the process of waiting to sign with them the company’s management changed. The new management decided not to sign Carrie. She knew in her heart she wasn’t ready at that point so she didn’t take it as bad as most people probably would have. Carrie…show more content…
The album released in Canada in early August of 2007, and then in the US in late August of 2007. This is the first song in which Carrie took part in writing that was released. Carrie describes the song on as: "A feeling song on how people invest so much of their time and energy into things that aren't really important. And you don't really realize that until it's too late. We're all guilty of it, as I know I am, of just letting silly things get in the way. The smallest thing can almost ruin my day, and at some point, I realize, 'Good gracious, Carrie! What are you doing?' I have a great life, and we need to remember the things that are truly important." The song starts out with the mix that continues throughout the whole song the Piano and the Chords. Chords being different type of guitars. Then you soon begin to quickly hear the drums come in to back up the power behind message in the song. When the song debuted in August 2007 it was twenty the Billboard Hot Country Songs. It stayed at the top and eventually earned the fifth spot on Carrie’s top twenty songs to hit the top. In May 2007, the single became

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