Critical Analysis Of Naomi Klein's 'No Logo'

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In article ‘No Logo’ Naomi Klein talks about closing down manufacture plants and the techniques that big companies use to maximise their profit. She makes several important points, which show us the reason why this is happening and what effects it has on people. The article shares her arguments and analysis of the situation, and this review will look at and evaluate them. The article was written in 2002 in New York, and the location is not accidental because in North America alone, Levi Strauss closed twenty-two plants leaving 13,000 people unemployed. “shut down twenty-two plants and lay off 13,000 North American workers between November 1997 and February 1999” (Klein, N., (2002) No Logo). The main purpose of this article is to raise awareness…show more content…
Corporations stopped caring about the workforce, they care more about their brand, because (as Hector Liang, former chairman of United Biscuits explained), “machines wear out. Cars rust. People die. But what lives on are the brands” (Klein, N., (2002) No Logo). But when looking at it from a different perspective it is nothing more than big corporations (with their corporation logo of course) selling smaller companies’ products on their behalf and charging huge money for it (as the mark-up can sometimes reach 400%). Which leads to conclusion that corporations change from being “domestic manufacturer to market-driven company” (Klein, N., (2002) No…show more content…
They are accurate and directly address a big problem that is ignored by many people and is treated like normal everyday thing. What makes it worse is that the corporations don’t take any responsibility for bad working conditions because after all, they do not make the product nor they own the manufacturing plants. Instead they are customers that buy goods in bulk and re-sell it to consumers. What happens in-between is not their problem and they don’t care. She concludes her arguments by comparing corporations to “bargain hunters in search of the best deal in the global mall” (Klein, N., (2002) No Logo), that look for the bang for the buck type of service- meaning that they get as much as they can for as little as

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