DHL As A Role Model On Employee Performance

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DHL has done well as being a role model on employee’s motivation. From our discussion, we feel that there is room for the organisation to improve and further enhance it. Our group were not able to determine if DHL were using a personality test in its current recruitment process. Personality is one of the most vital components of Organization Behavior to achieve organization success, including the test in the recruitment and selection process may helps the organization to select the most suitable candidates that will be able to fit in the company culture easily and carry on the mission and core values. Earlier on, we have discussed how leadership influence employees' motivation and job performance. The type of leadership has an enormous amount…show more content…
For DHL, the conscientiousness is one of the important traits for success as a customer centric organization. Employees who are conscientious are more responsible, organized, dependable and persistent, employees with this trait tend to have higher possibility to be considered for leadership role. According to Robbins and Judge 2016, a study found that conscientiousness traits are more important than other traits by conducting a personality test on 313 leaders from various CEO candidates of private equity companies. It concluded that out of 225 hired that their personality scores are correlated with their company…show more content…
They tend to be more creative and open to change. Being the largest leading logistic firm DHL need to move and adapt to change quickly, the company will need potential candidates that are able to cope with changes easily. The growth of technology has lead to innovation. employees or candidates will need to learn and adapt to new skills in order to remain competitive. Those that scores high in openness also and willingness to learn are more attractive then the latter. Job design has an impact on employee motivation at work, job satisfaction, and loyalty Employees may have the necessary skills but if the task does not match their interest areas, then there is a lack of passion in the job. Employee's decision in taking the job will determine the outcome and the level of motivation at the workplace. Occupational interest area must match with the requirements of the jobs in order to achieve the best results for the

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