Partial Dentures Advantages

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The removable partial denture was created by Etruscans in northern Italy around 500 BC, they made the dentures out of animal's and slaves' teeth. It was carved by ivory. then dentures were renovated to be made out of gold by gold smiths in London. Porcelain dentures was firstly created in 1770 on a british patient. In the 20 century, the acrylic resins and other plastics were used. Dentures were named "False Teeth" as they resemble the natural teeth of the patient in appearance and function but they are made of other sources. Since 1945, most denture bases have been made using polymathy methacrylate resins which is a transparent solid that can be customized to give any color, shade, and degree of translucency. Two of the advantages of this…show more content…
The use of dental implants has developed as a treatment modality for partially (and fully) edentulous patients. Implants are made from Titanium (Ti) or Titanium alloys as they are biocompatible…show more content…
And limiting structures in the labial vestibule: it is divided left and right by the labial frenum, orbicularis iris is the main muscle which forms the outer surface of the labial vestibule, orbicularis iris muscle has only an indirect effect on the labial vestibule because its fibers run in horizontal direction. Limiting structures in the buccal frenum; the dividing line between the labial and buccal vestibule, frenum may be single or double, levetor anguli oris muscle attaches beneath the frenum. Limiting structures in the buccal vestibule: extend from buccal frenum to hamular notch, bounded laterally by the cheeks and medially by the ridge, size of the vestibule varies with the contraction of buccinator muscle, position of the mandible, and amount of bone lost from maxilla,hamuler notch ,posterior palatal seal ,and vibrating line(ah line). supporting structures : hard palate , maxillary tuberosity, and residual alveolar ridge. relief areas :incisive papilla , median palatal raphe , and fovea

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