How Does Stress Affect Students

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Every student will definitely experience stress due to their hectic and pack lifestyle at university. They can’t avoid themselves from stress but they can reduce it. Stress is a normal thing in human being’s lives because stress can be viewed as a challenge to human world. Stress also can be said as a part of every student in daily life. According to a study expert stress can be healthy or enjoyable but must be remember in the right quantities or dose. However, if it provides much benefit it can be very damaging for student when it becomes not controlled. It can affect the student health, work performance relationship, emotions and personal development. Normally, most of student gets the stress in that situation new university surrounding, new relationship, lack of time management and parental pressure. There are a lot of college student…show more content…
Student must do this because with sleep they can be used to relax the mind being use all day. This is because stress comes from the minds of students who are tired. Also, students must sleep early at night. Most students will sleep late for study or to finish their work. So, students may not to study last minute and must finish their work on time to prevent them sleep late at night. For the information, getting a good night’ sleep can help student think more clearly and have more energy. This will make it easier to handle any problems that grow up. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Practicing good sleep for student clean along with stress lowering tactics can help improve your quality of sleep. Student also must take a healthy diet. This is because eating foods help fuel the body and mind. Student or people must skip the high-sugar, snack food and load up of vegetable, fruits and whole grains. Some people if they are in stress they will eat much of food to less their stress. That is not the good ways because it will cause more problems to

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