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Testimonials: 1. There was point in my life when I was too upset about my physical appearance. Even though I have a cute face, but by remaining body was never in proportion with it. My breasts were loose, my tummy was bulging and my thighs were too thick. I saw how my husband lost interest in me. This was all until I found the best cosmetic clinic in Mumbai. When I first visited Harleys Clinic, I instantly got the feeling that this is it! I underwent two surgeries – breast lift and tummy tuck to improve my physical appearance. You know what? Now it has become difficult for my husband to keep his hand off me! I’ve never been so happy in my life before! Thanks to Harleys Clinic. Nirmala Kumar, 38 – Housewife 2. Botox treatment changed my life! My friends and family members call me…show more content…
However, only one surgeon - Dr. Sumit Agrawal was the one who understood my problem and helped me to figure out the different approaches to get rid of my male breasts. I took the decision of getting surgical treatment and my decision proved to be absolutely correct. Thanks Dr. Sumit Agrawal... thanks a lot! Rohit Rahane, 55 - Businessman 6. Every time I see the mirror I become the happiest woman in the world. I still can’t believe that liposuction has brought so much change to my body. My life is a lot better now, as I got out of the extreme obese form with the surgery, and now, I feel a lot more confident with the new slim and sleek me whenever I see myself in the mirror. Plastic surgery cost in Mumbai is really cheap, but the level of services is of high quality. Now, I have started to get much more attention from all the people me, just because liposuction has worked like magic. Dr Sumit Agrawal gave genuine advice for my treatment- staff member are very professional & helpful. They have put great efforts during the surgery, and fortunately I got good results too. Devika Jadhav, 37 – HR Consultant

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