How Does Sophomore Year Change My Life

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Sophomore year, this was the year that would change my life forever. Now usually people would say that there senior year is the best year of their whole high school career. Nope not me ,this was the year i got accepted into the Culinary Arts program. I felt that I was finally on my way to becoming the chef I want to be, and that I deserve. But what I didn't know is that there would be some bumps in the road to becoming who i want to be. So Junior year rolls around and class starts. Know since we all were juniors we were the first in the class. The seniors came later on that day. But anyways that's where I met Chef Dan. He was Our Chef and culinary instructor. This is one of the funniest people i've ever met let alone a teacher. But he could be serious at a drop of a dime. When we stepped foot in the kitchen all games were of its time to shut up and listen. And…show more content…
If you couldn't do the cuts then you couldn't pass the class. The cut were the usual Bruinoin, Julanne, Small Dice Medium dice Large Dice and Bayonne. Some people excelled in these cuts. One of them being myself. And those kids who didn't do the cuts correct were eliminated from the race. So many kids were heartbroken when they were told they didn't have what it take to be on the comp team. Other took it well, they had the attitude of a great chef. One who if they don't succeed the first time they will come back next time with a vengeance. So once you made it past the knife cuts you needed to cook the dish. That the judges had decided would be the dish for the year. So the rest of us who made it we're happy But I was surprised I still made it to the next round. The last round was the easiest all you had to do was send in an essay to chef about why you want to be on the team. I did exactly that, we had to days to do it I finished it the first night it was assigned. But I waited to send it in. I didn't wanna seem too

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