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Occasionally I come to the realization that I did not experience a typical childhood when I begin to compare mine with other teenagers. My mother’s pregnancy was considered controversial due to the fact that she was 16 years old and in an interracial relationship. I visited my father’s family in Mexico so often I practically lived there until I started school here in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in poverty gave me the opportunity to constantly expand my imagination and creativity by using cheap art supplies and books to entertain myself. Looking back on it now I am extremely thankful that, unlike the majority of people in today’s society, I was not a prisoner to TV or technology in general. Therefore, today I do not have the “I need technology to survive” mindset and I continue to find much more joy in creating. The instant my grandfather could afford a digital camera, computer and printer he proudly arranged at least 20 photos into every room. Seeing his confidence and interest in photography gave me the desire to create something visually pleasing as well. To my mother’s dismay, at the age of five I was found collaging my crayon self-portraits and magazine clippings to the walls of her bedroom. After…show more content…
It was hard to articulate how easily mesmerized I was by the simple things in life. When words failed, art gave me the ability to express myself. Art impacted my life-- not only by allowing me to continuously stay occupied as a child but by changing the way I see the world around me. I recall sitting upon my balcony and staring off into the city streets in Mexico. While most children would have been slightly overwhelmed by the number of people below, I looked closer to analyze the color of a car, the body language of an angry merchant or the texture of a homeless man’s

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