Personal Narrative: How Photography Changed My Life

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From the time before I could reach the cabinet over the counter in the kitchen until I was a sophomore in high school, I believed everything my parents said to be fact, to be true. I would blindly agree to everything they said, no matter the subject, and I would repeat it with such confidence it would make my parents proud. However, one day in photography sophomore year, I reconnected with a friend from middle school, who introduced me to two of her other friends. The four of us stuck together, whether it be in class or outside of class. As time passed in photography, all of us spent an abundance of time in the dark room in order to get our assignments done. During our time in the dark room, the smell of photography chemicals surrounding us, my friends would talk about serious issues in the world surrounding us.…show more content…
However, what they were saying made absolute sense to me, and my eyes began to open. Eventually I joined in on their serious dark-room-talk, and I started following the news more, I started accepting people for who they are, and I stopped judging people based off of things they could not choose. My three photography friends my sophomore year of high school entirely changed my views of the world and the people in it. They helped me see the beauty in other cultures, and that just because people are different it does not mean they are less. This inspired me to want to go out, see the world and its people, and revel in its beauty. Till this day me and my three friends talk about what's happening in the world and what we believe should be the

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