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Pain Pain killers like Tylenol and Ibuprofen are very accessible for people suffering from any variety of pain." More than 100 million Americans suffer from from chronic pain at a cost of $600 million a year in medical and lost productivity, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM)." (Boyles). Pain typically has a physical connotation, the first two definitions in the dictionary refer to physical pain, but what about emotional pain? Pain is not only physical, there is also emotional pain that can do just as much damage to a person. Pain is present in everyone's life, though we may not be able to see it, we all experience it. Two time academy award winner George Clooney is quite famous in Hollywood. One of his awards were…show more content…
This is not always the case, some accidents or injuries don't get better. Four years ago, I had a trampoline accident that caused me to blackout for almost an hour, after falling face first into a metal bar. Ever since my accident I have never had a pain free day. Some of my injuries were not from the accident though, they were just discovered in the extensive testing and scans I went through after my fall. My injuries from the accident include whiplash, and a fracture in my spine. My injuries discovered over this process though, include three bulging discs, scoliosis, rotated pelvis, uneven leg lengths, causing more unevenness in my hips. Most of my daily pain comes from the bulging discs that pinch nerves along my spinal cord, causing a lot of pain. My right knee and hip also get very sore, because my right leg is shorter, so everything on the right side gets the impact first, which makes it difficult for me to do what I love most, dance. The year of my accident I wasn't allowed to dance because it was causing too much stress on my back. Sophomore year I decided to ignore the doctors and specialists, and join dance again. Although dancing hurts me more than anything physically, not dancing hurts me emotionally. I would rather deal with physical pain than emotional. When my back pain gets so bad that not even highly addictive pain killers like hydrocodone and OxyContin take away my pain, it becomes more emotional pain, than physical. I get extremely frustrated of how much pain I am in, and that I can't do what I love doing. Physical pain is what causes my emotional pain, and some people don't see how that is possible, but emotional pain can come from many things. Probably the most common being the death of someone very close to

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