How Does Social Media Destroys Personal Health

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One effect of communication online is destroys personal health. Computer vision syndrome is the side effect of using the technology like a smartphone and laptop. This kind of eye disease has a cause from the light of the monitors, which the blue light has high energy and stimulate the free radical in the eyes. The properties of light are damaging cells in eyesight and make unclear vision and this disease can not cure.Furthermore, muscle is another impact that this problem can happen in any ages of life. When people stay at the same motion for a long time, the muscle will strict and pains when the body changes motion. Lack of concentration is another affectation of interacting online. Social people feel anxious because they want to understand every topic that other people talking. Therefore, they always check the news on all channels of social type such as newspaper websites, web board, Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, some social people want to know how many people pay attention to them. They can notice from a notification function on social applications, that the notification is show detail about who do an action with their account. For instance, number of likes, number of people who repost length of comment and number of following.…show more content…
Online social media have gained worldwide growth and popularity which has attended to attracting attention from variety of people in global. All people are using social media to communicate with each other and update the news that connected everyone in the world. They spend a lot of their time when using social network via the internet. Although, it has difference purpose to use the social media, it has a similar effect to harm people. There are numerous effects of social media on

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