D2 Assess The Impact Of Different Sales Techniques And Tesco Analysis

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D2: Assess the impact of different sales techniques and customer service in a selected organisation. For D1, I will assess the impact of different sales techniques and customer service for Tesco. Tesco is a public limited company and it’s one of the largest retailer in UK and is the fourth largest retailer in the world. They have over 500,000 colleagues and they provide goods and services to 12 other countries like South Korea and Poland. TESCO Customer service as strategy Customer service is all the activities that a customer has experience by Tesco. Advantages: A good customer service shows how well a Tesco is able satisfy its customer’s wants and needs and customer impression of staff which indicates how well the organisation train…show more content…
On the other hand, they can provides incentives to their staff like paid holidays to motivate employees. More product variety Advantages: An Advantage for Tesco on providing more variety of product is enables customers to have more option. By offering the customer new goods and services in expanding UK markets, such as telecom and financial services and expanding their market abroad, enabled Tesco to expand their business so that it can deliver long term growth for the business. It also allowed Tesco to expand into new markets and improve their business in the competitive markets Disadvantages: However, a disadvantage for Tesco is that even though Tesco is providing customer variety of product, there may not be a demand for it. For example, during recession customers have less disposable income to buy good from Tesco. This may affect Tesco as if there is not enough customers buying their product it may cause them wastage as products like food are going out of…show more content…
For example. For example, there are self-service checkout where customers are able to scan their item by themselves or basket and trolley tills. By Tesco providing more till means that customer do not have to wait for a long times in the que as they have more option. Also, more cashiers employee’s means more engagement in conversation with customer which may build customer relationship and make customers happy as it shows that the Tesco employees care about their customers. By providing different payment method can improve customer shopping experience as they do not have to wait for a long time giving Tesco a good brand image to their customers. Disadvantages: A disadvantage for new improved payment like self-service till is that customers may not know how to use it. On the other hand, Tesco needs to spend a lot of money for this technologies in their store. Tesco has responsibility to make sure that the technology used in their store like their till are working properly as this may disrupt the customers and the

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