Argumentative Essay On Pornography

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Pornography: The Pervasive Plague At any moment there are up to 30 million individuals viewing pornography online. Approximately half of the Internet is porn related. In the United States, a new pornographic movie is made about every half hour (List25). A survey of 15,246 adults in the US found that approximately 75% of men and 41% of women have intentionally viewed pornographic materials online (Albright, 2008). The large majority of the population carries the internet with them wherever they go. Unfortunately, they also carry with them its connectivity to pornography. Patrick Fagan says, “This ‘digital revolution’ has lead to great strides in productivity, communication, and other desirable ends, but pornographers also have harnessed…show more content…
While some people may believe that pornography has no lasting or harmful effects and may even have possible benefits, statistics prove otherwise. Pornography may not affect everyone the same, and certainly not everyone who views pornography is going to become a sexual predator, but it is crucial we make changes for the sake of those who are negatively affected. "Given the massive, deleterious individual, marital, family and social effects of pornography, it is time for citizens, communities and [the] government to reconsider their laissez-faire approach" (Fagan). The safety and protection of our society, nation, and world are massively more important than the comparatively minuscule benefits that may come from…show more content…
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