The Importance Of Privacy

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Privacy is the right and the ability of an individual to keep private personal information. It's the right not to being placed in invasion of privacy by the government, corporations or individuals. The right of the privacy is considered by law in most of the countries in the world. What is difficult to declare is to separate the balance between the freedom of speech or the freedom of the media with the privacy. The freedom is coming to an end, when privacy's boundaries start. There are types of privacy such as, the limited access to personal life, the control over information, technology-internet. Privacy means that we respect the desire of individuals in a community (Cornell University USA). This essay examines in depth how an artist…show more content…
The digital network can operates as a place where a malign software or person could have the opportunity to attack or to harm a celebrity's public image. The leak of the songs can be considered as an attack to her career and the blackmails of the upload of the star's nude images is an attack to her private life. The fear of technology exists and it is called Techno-paranoia. A reason why the privacy is being violated in our days, may be the freedom of expression, an thoughtless freedom of using the internet without (any) control as well the legal system that has gaps. The law system has to be updated and keeping updating. A proposed arrangement may be, if the advanced media is to be conveyed to a vast rate of the populace through the Internet and other computerized systems, and stringent efforts to establish safety and genuine protection ensures must be set up. Furthermore, the stars must being aware of what they share and what they do. As i mentioned before, technology is a big threat. Every public figure has to think a lot before uploading any view or a political opinion or a picture. This information is recyclable by all the followers in just a few seconds. There are
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