Chernobyl Accident Report

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Subang Jaya B.ENG (Hons) MECHANICAL ENGINEERING In collaboration with University of Sunderland Chernobyl Accident INDUSTRIAL STUDIES SUBJECT CODE: EAT221 Level 2 STUDENT : Victor Ng Kheng Kit ID NO : SCSJ-0016943 UOS NO : 139088131 LECTURER : MS. IDA FAHANI 1. Abstract This report is about the Chernobyl accident that happened on April 25 in the year 1986. This report explains the causes and effects on the social, environmental, economy and physiological aspect. It also explains the industrial management process and its crews of the nuclear plant. This report covers the strategy of recover for the Chernobyl accident as well. It also explains the lessons learnt from this accident and how it may render…show more content…
Question 2 In every organization, there is a management team. This goes for the team at the Chernobyl plants too. There was a industrial management team for the whole system. - The project manager is the one who oversees everything at the reactor plant in all sectors. - The Engineering Department is to make sure everyone under engineering follows the SOP - The Engineering Department is also broken down to nuclear, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, civil, fuel management and site supervision. - The responsibility of the safety and licensing is to create the SOP to follow and to prevent or reduce accidents from happening. - The Quality Assurance department is held responsible for the quality checking of the product. - The training sector is for the people to train the employees for the routine procedures, operation, safety protocol, and emergency escape and so on. - The Finance and Commercial department is to handle the finance of the whole plant. Purchasing of equipment and parts all fall under this department as well. This department is also to analyze the plant’s budget and make sure they have enough…show more content…
The first strategy was to focus on towards a sustainable environment. The radiation has caused all three countries to become contaminated affecting the life in the rural communities. The forestry and agriculture are affected and forbidden in wide areas. The people there are at risk for eating food that grows in those areas. The poverty level forces them to do so. To fix this, increase in knowledge about living safely in these contaminated areas needs to be passed on to them. More grant facility for voluntary organizations should be established and local government to have more sustainable development initiatives. All resources needs to be directed to the most needed people and communities, especially those without income and

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