How Does Social Media Affect Self Esteem

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Social media is used by millions of people around the world, but most of them don’t know how badly it affects their self-esteem. Seeing the lives of those around you can make you subconsciously compare yourself to them. This could lead to overuse of social media and neglection to your other social aspects of life. Neglecting such things could cause a decrease in happiness and motivation. So, excessive social media use may be the reason why young adult self-esteem is dropping. Social media has become a big part of the lives of those around the world. The amount of time people are spending on social networking sites has drastically increased, but why? University of California, Los Angeles scientists discovered that when young brains receive a lot of likes on a…show more content…
This may lead to depression and loneliness. Exaggerated use of social media can also lead to people altering their views on those around them. Social media users will begin to think that a person they follow is a perfect human being because of what they post. Chou and Edge published an article about the impact of using social media to alter the view of others. They conducted a study on 425 undergraduate students attending a Utah state university. Students viewed others around them as happier as well as thinking that “life is not fair.” Chou and Edge argued that seeing others happy doesn’t lead to depression, however, it could spark their already depressive mindset. In contrast, Kraut et al argue that using social media to converse with your peers and family members will actually decrease risk of depression. Using social media as a way to strengthen your relationships with those you care about will only benefit you. Using social media sites for anything other than that will increase the risk of

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