How Does Orwell Use Propaganda In Animal Farm

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Propaganda’s use in corrupting the mind and changing the views of the masses is a strong tool to be used in time of war or to force allegiance. George Orwell gives the use of this mind-controlling political weapon to sway the masses a physical manifestation. In Animal Farm, Orwell uses Squealer as the personification of fear, transfer, and circular reasoning as propaganda techniques. Fear’s use at the first possible chance demanded the animals follow the command of their leaders and suppress their own thoughts. Squealer argued that if the pigs were not to eat the apples and milk, “Jones would come back” (Orwell 52). The fault of Mr. Jones returning would not be that of the pigs without the milk; however, the convincing power of fear persuaded the animals to think differently. The terror of imagining the tyrant’s return took over the logical thinking of the animals and not one said anything against the poor reasoning of the pigs. To reinforce…show more content…
Squealer tells the animals that Napoleon knew of Snowball’s conspiracy before the rebellion began, to which Boxer replied, “If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right” (91). That statement is what Squealer needed to begin to make the other animals believe the same. Boxer spoke loudly for all the people, which made them in turn, believe what he said. Later, the animals held true Squealer’s words when he told them “the production of every class of foodstuff had increased by two hundred percent” (99). Knowing the pigs were the brainworkers, they could not say anything against these figures, as the brains of the farm said they were true. The respect for the pigs that the other animals had had an effect on their thought process, leading them to feel that the word of the pigs was only truth. Though transfer was a large part of the propaganda used, more subtle was the use of circular
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