Natasha Leggero Stand Up Comedy Analysis

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Event Analysis of “Natasha Leggero- Stand-Up Comedy” A stand-up comedy is an entertainment where engage most with audience. As a part of theatre, comedy “engage all the senses, are live and immediate, depend on the actor -audience relationship – interaction”, according to my college department of theatre and dance (Lecture). Such a form of performance like comedy can create communication between audience and actor, and it’s totally created for entertainment purposes (Lecture). To comedy, an actor seems most important in storytelling and ritual. Without persuasive and compelling speaking skills, audience won’t be entertained and won’t even laugh about the joke. Without appropriate ritual, the comedy won’t achieve its laughing point and able to make audience feel the environment as a comedy.…show more content…
In the comedy show of Natasha Leggero, the comedian has showed the function of comedy and performed great storytelling skills in during the interaction between actor and audience. For the purpose of comedy, the comedian has successfully designed her jokes as primarily for entertaining basis and the audience was reached synchronization with the actor. In the observation of comedy show of “Natasha Leggero- Stand-Up Comedy”, Natasha was the main comedian who host the show and made the high point of the night. During her storytelling, she was able to imitate multiple voices and act different people. For example, Natasha was imitated the voice of many female celebrities and made connection to herself. She brought up her dog as an example of how she treated her dog as a baby to her and made fun of how her friends’ baby not loyal to her friends. Then, she kept teasing with other celebrities she knew and ridiculed their voice in certain

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