Propaganda In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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The pigs use propaganda to manipulate the minds of the animals to obtain and maintain power in the farm. Firstly, slogan is one of the the propagandas that the pigs uses to clarify the principles that the animals should support, but the slogan soon becomes a meaningless sound that the sheep bleats as it fulfills no purpose other than drowning out the small disputes between the pigs or the doubts that the animals have towards the pigs. For example, when Snowball shares his ideas to the animals or gives a speech, the sheeps are trained by Napoleon to interrupt him with their slogan “four legs good, two legs bad”, which makes it hard for Snowball to express ideas clearly. Furthermore, because everyone loves Snowballs plan to build a windmill, Napoleon gets jealous and uses the nine dogs he takes from Jessie to eliminate Snowball. The animals then starts to question why he would do this,…show more content…
This establishes how slogans are being used to control the opinions and thoughts that the animals have to whatever the pigs believe. Secondly, name calling is another propaganda that the pigs uses to discredit someone, as well as to provoke fear, thus bringing conclusions against the target of the name calling. For instance, after Napoleon eliminates Snowball, Squealer clears up the misinterpretations that the animals have by ‘revealing’ the truth about Snowball. Squealer tells the animals that Snowball “was no better than a criminal….,a dangerous character and a bad influence.” (P.55 & 58) And when the the animals ask if that is true than why has Napoleon been speaking so strongly against the building of the windmill, Squealer just tells them that it was “simply as a manoeuvre to get rid of Snowball.”(P.58) Another example, is when Old Major is giving his speech to the
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