Diction In The Hollow Men

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The Hollow Men, is a well written piece of art that I believe has a high literary merit. Its unique perspective gives form to an interesting world which appeals strongly to my liking. The Hollow Men by T.S Eliot shows an interesting view of spirituality. It gives an understanding of what the men in this story are going through in an artistic way. This poem persuades me emotionally, intellectually, and politically that this poem achieves a high literary status. The Hollow Men in an emotional stand point uses interesting methods to describe their situation and the use of diction provides a more specific understanding to help me grasp what is going on. The statement “Those who have crossed, With Direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom” in my opinion,…show more content…
“Between the conception And the creation” these lines made me realize how many things we have conceptualized an idea and have never followed through, things that could have been never happened. These men have an idea, they want it to happen so that it would benefit their situation, their problem is that they cannot make it a reality. “Between the potency And the existence” this quote is similar to the last one, this idea is carried out several times each in a different way. This is emphasizing the point that we conceptualize, but cannot make it reality. Taking these quotes into consideration, I understand what T.S Eliot is trying to convey to us and what he wants us to know about what these men are going…show more content…
This aspect of the poem is quite fascinating, I can relate to this into my life and what I go through. “We are the hollow men, We are the stuffed men” This statement gives 2 ideas which are the exact opposites of each other. They are hollow which means they are lacking something, and they are stuffed, which means you have an abundance of something. In politics, you are remembered for your acts, and what you do. Your acts depict how you will be judged in the future. These men want to be remembered as hollow yet stuffed, but they’re afraid that they will be judged falsely and will be misunderstood. For these men, judgement is extremely significant, their fear of being improperly judged is what makes them want to belong in the middle of Heaven and Hell, where they are safe from

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