How Boys Become Men Katz Summary

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“Becoming a Man” The way a boy becomes a man by the code of conduct described in the article “How Boys Become Men” lacks factual examples on how this affects male behavior. The article is opinion driven from the view point of the author Jon Katz. His purpose is to show how boys actions reflect the way they are as men. Examples given are seen through the eyes of him from his life experiences. He formed his attitude towards the unspoken code of conduct because of a situation that happened to him when he was younger. Lacking sensitivity, showing no weakness, fear or mercy are all behaviors Katz explains are derived from the way boys treat boys. Katz uses a tone that is emotional and persuasive to his audience. His story sounds sincere in the fact that he is telling it from his eyes and…show more content…
There is no evidence marked in the article proving a boy who does these things is viewed as weird. He could be making this assumption due to his encounters as a child. The emotional tone that this article sheds is one that could coax a reader into feeling empathy for the author, however, it does not give adequate examples to prove boys turn into men because of an unspoken code of conduct. Sensitivity, weakness, fear and mercy are all behaviors that Katz suggests are lacking in a man due to when they were a boy. The remark “woman tend to see men as a giant problem in need of a solution” is a judgment not a fact. Katz does not show that woman truly think this way, rather he just assumes so. Another comment made “you don’t need a shrink to see how the lessons boys learn affect their behavior as men” is a generalization only about men. The article does not consider that these behaviors could be common in woman as well. No other viewpoints to back up his theory are presented. His belief of how behaviors develop are based on his personal opinions

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