How Does Music Affect Culture

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Each individual has the right to express their emotions in different forms of art. A worldwide noticeable way to express emotion is through music. Music helps people express love, disappointment, frustration, and any other emotion they need to. There have been artists that focus their songs on problems affecting minorities by linking them with personal or well-known incidents. Music has always been consistent throughout time, it is something that people, regardless of their situation, end up listening to. Music is influential to people; it can change the way a person thinks or acts. No one can change a person's perspective completely, but they can influence it. Music is so powerful that it can change social structure through music and eventually create a chain reaction of the way people are treated; creating a more exposed culture through music affects culture. As a result of this, younger generations are more open and acceptable to social change through music. Music plays a crucial role in history by furthering movements, such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, through the frustration of police brutality toward a humans of…show more content…
The title of the song gives in itself the meaning behind the song, of how macklemore despite of him being white he sees the injustice towards blacks in the united states. Throughout this song, Macklemore mentions how people take offense to being called racist rather than actually caring about the situation “It seems like we're more concerned with being called racist than we actually are with racism,” is a line that demonstrates an understanding of how lighter skinned people adopt black peoples culture, yet they do not do much to prevent racism(Macklemore). In “White Privilege” Macklemore focuses on culture appropriation and why it is an issue in order to further the understanding of the treatment of black people in
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