How Does Rap Music Affect Urban Culture?

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The worlds cultural landscape is changing before our eyes. These changes have populated regions. Such as the United States. It has also led to the increased popularity of Soccer. People from every walk of life play it. However one key demographic remains none engaged. Soccer has been and is sort of relevant in the United States urban community. People from urban backgrounds play it. But it's defiantly not part of Urban culture. The rap industry is the only one with the power; to change that. It's time for Soccer to get an urban endorsement. The kind only rap can deliver. Artist have endorsed the sport in the past. Everyone from Snoop to wheezy have been involved. The sport is played by urban youth. However it hasn't been stamped. By rap artists.…show more content…
It's impossible to separate them. The genre has influenced players at all levels Music is extremely influencial. Sound has always affected humans. Ancient chants sparked the original traditions. They created a way of life. Today Rap Music has a similar effect. Being in a relationship with someone that understand you; is important. Urban youth are often misunderstood. Making finding someone from a similar background. Extremely important. Most if not all major agents. Lack a connection to the rap world. Anyone with money a license and connections. Can become a sports agent. Many rappers tried to become agents. Some of them had some success. The one that will be able to truly thrive. Is capable of making Soccer part of rap culture. Jay Z is a brilliant business man. His ability to find/acquire talent. Is extraordinary. He has proven himself in the music and sports world. Major companies such as ITunes and sprite. Spend millions on rap artists. This enables them to compete for an ideal demographic. Their competitors include most major companies. This demographics diversity makes it attractive. American Soccers popularity with the youth.Makes it even more interesting. Rap music could capitalize on this trend

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