How Does Education Improve Racial Discrimination

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Introduction To illustrate a significant analysis on how education improved racial discrimination, we need to get a clear understanding of how education really impact racial discrimination. The right to vote, equal educational opportunities, employment discrimination, racial discrimination, disability discrimination, gender discrimination, and criminal justice – these are some other common civil rights. Among these, racial discrimination disrupts society worldwide. “Race has always been a major social issue because people use differences in race mainly for discrimination” (, Np). U.S Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” One key area that plays an important role in improving racial discrimination is education. According to, discrimination is defined as something that serves to differentiate. Therefore, racial discrimination is race that serves to differentiate. Through many trials and people standing up against racial discrimination in society, racial discrimination in many different parts of the world has improved a lot over the history. In order to understand how education improved racial discrimination, it is essential to analyse it from a global, national, and personal perspective. Global Perspective…show more content…
The UN has been through this a lot and still racial discrimination remains. One possible future scenario is that organisations like UNESCO and the UN, which have goals on education for all; so equal educational opportunities are given. Not based on race, but based on the same human being. If equal educational opportunities are given, there will be more children or even adults who have the chance to learn about racial discrimination and so they will not lose confidence in front of other

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