Summary Of Our Spiritual Strivings By W. E. B. Dubois

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When two different roots are joined together in unity, a significant problem can arise. However, there is still the possibility that these two different identities can become harmonious with each other. In W. E. B Du Bois’s “Of Our Spiritual Strivings,” he develops an alternative view on the community where two different roots exist, while providing a restricted notion of “cultural authenticity.” He achieves this by framing the tension between “African” and “American” identities of black people and this will be beneficial as an entity. A cosmopolitan society of multi-culture is a society in which people are involved and are always interacting with each other. It is a society where everyone belongs to the same community with no exclusion and discrimination. Du Bois believes that by revealing the evils of racism and presenting the beneficial factors of “American” and “African” identities turning into one…show more content…
Before looking further into the anticipation between “African” and “American” identities, it is important to understand Ross Posnock's discussion of different understandings of culture and the identities as well as to acknowledge the different views of Black intellectuals that are presented in his writing, “After Identity Politics”. He identifies several important terms that have emerged to provide a different understanding of discourse movements. The term, “provincialism,” describes the way in which people from a certain race or community thrives in that community. For example, in the work, “Six years after his death”, the fact that Broyard had been born black in the white community where discrimination is still intact triggered him to keep his profile low so that he would not reveal his race to the public. If the public discovered out that he was

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