How Does Body Temperature Affect Heart Rate

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Introduction: Does changed in the body position (posture) affect the respiration rate (bpm) of a normal person? The aim of this experiment is to find out if the body posture had any effect on the heart rate. Participant's had there heart rate recorded in three difference posture. 45° 180° 90° The heart job is to circulate the blood around the body. By changing body position the load that heart should get change.This study was performed in order to look at the effect posture has on heart rate and blood pressure. Hypotenuse: I predict that the change in body posture will affect the heart rate. I believe that the position where your muscle are working the most will increase the heart rate and the position where the heart must pump against the force of gravity will put the heart in the toughest situation. For these reason I predict that it will be position 1 that will get the highest heart rate. Literature Review: The scientific support behind…show more content…
According to the data table you can see the difference heart rate in each posture. For example, in posture 1 and posture 2 the difference in average heart rate is 9 beat per minutes. This data is enough for a conclusion that the difference body posture dose affect the heart rate. There are many scientific factor behind the difference Heart rate. One of it is gravity. When the body is in a 180° position, all the bodies organs are level with the heart. This means that gravity has no effect, meaning that the heart doesn't have to work as hard so a lower heart rate and blood pressure than when standing. When standing beat per minutes had a significant increase. This is because again the heart have to work a lot harder to circulate the blood back to the heart because it have to fight against the force of gravity. However, the difference posture have a difference load on the muscle too so the bpm also depends on this

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