Eating Spicy Food Lab Report

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Conclusion We were trying to see if eating spicy foods can affect your body temperature.Our hypothesis was correct. We said that it would affect your body temperature because your heart rate would start to go up depending on your reaction there for increasing your overall temperature. Our hypothesis was correct because everyone's temperature went up or down it was more likely for their temperature to go up even though some people's heart rate went down. For our procedure we compiled a list of test subjects and individually tested them with 3 different types of spicy food hot cheetos, hot sauce and a jalapeno . Before we let them eat anything we took their temperature than once they swallowed we waited two and a half minutes and took their…show more content…
For mostly everyone it didn't matter what type of food they were eating because if we tested with a jalapeno and hot sauce after their temperature would increase about the same amount and wouldn't have a drastic change depending on what they ate. For some people their temperature went down but it was rare if it did because with mostly everyone their temperature went up. We had one test subject temperature go up by a whole degree which was are highest increase in temperature and they had no reaction what so every compared to other who had a major reaction and were moving more, some test subjects only went up by .1. Most people's temperatures went up from anywhere from .1 to .6 but some people went up by more. We were actually surprised that people body temperatures changes at all, i knew it would change if people moved around but evern people without a reaction would still have a change in body temperature. Our hypothesis was proven because we didn't have one test subject whose body temperature didn't have any change. I think we definitely took enough tests but we mostly took test with hot cheetos and some people didn't get tested with the jalapeno or hot sauce so i think we should of took more test on the same person with all of the spicy

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