Personal Conceptment Paper Assignment: Self-Concept And Perception

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Paper Assignment #1: Self-Concept and Perception I think it’s common for most people to view their selves in a lesser light than how others may see them, and I would say that is the case for me personally. A specific instant that comes to mind is after I had failed my first ever exam I was extremely down on myself. I felt like I wasn’t smart enough to be in college, I wasn’t ready to be living independently, and just overall I wasn’t prepared for the responsibility that it takes to be a student. I came back to my dorm room and told my roommate about what happened and how I felt. She was taken aback and proceeded to tell me that isn’t how she viewed me at all. She saw me as the most responsible, studious, on top of everything, organized person she had ever met. Self-concept is how…show more content…
Granted before moving to college I had never thought of myself in a high way either and now after the situation my self-esteem waivers from time to time, but I always remember that I am more than what I may believe or see in my mind. Having a high self-esteem and self-concept isn’t something that most people think to put at the top of their priority list but in my opinion it’s a critical aspect of overall mental health. If you are constantly down and too hard on yourself it just leads you deeper into self-doubt. Having people in your life that inspire and uplift you is so important. Knowing strategies to help yourself improve is also a key factor. The book gives steps and says thinks like engage in self talk, visualize yourself succeeding, don’t compare, think big picture when you make a mistake, have honest relationships in your life, let go of the past and look for healthy support. Just one of these strategies or a mix I have found can lead to small steps in the right direction. This incident helped me realize that I need to remember my worth and not let one bad grade change or influence my overall

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