How Does Beowulf Fight Between Good And Evil

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Diving Ddeep into Beowulf "The apples are good," broke in Beowulf," listen Unferth, and I will tell you something. You think that bad brings forth bad only, but I suggest that things are not so simple, so black, and white. Even the wickedest person can do good for someone, and the truly good man finds good where he can." (p.28) The truly good man finds good where he can. This idea is greatly supported in the story of Beowulf by Robert Nye.Beowulf is considered to embody light and goodness, yet he contradicts this idea himself by saying ¨ Bad teeth don’t belong only only to witches I have some myself.¨(p.28). This statement is a metaphor showing that Beowulf indeed possesses good and evil inside him in the form of bad teeth. He does not consider himself to be truly good, on the contrary he acknowledges that there is evil inside him and converts it into strength.…show more content…
The first character introduced by Robert Nye is another. “The child was curled asleep on a sheaf of ripe corn, and a golden flag flapped at the mast.”(p.1) Scyld Scefing is the predecessor of king Hrothgar. He was the strongest, bravest, and kindest man in the land of the Danes. ¨ He was as tall as a tower and his eyes blazed like bonfires, running into battle he could shout so loudly, that the men felt the cry like a hammer on their heads, and fell down in dead of fright.” (p.2) Robert Nye suggests that he was descended from the god Odin, and he was sent to be king to the land of the Danes. Scyld Scefing had many abilities exceeding the normal human being, and these abilities would be passed down to king

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