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How do you tell Paganism apart from Christianity in Beowulf? In this epic, spells, magic, and many gods are present, which is part of Paganism. Christianity is also present. It is different from Paganism because it does not contain anything magical and believes in one God and a devil. The epic of Beowulf is The Beowulf poet’s tone is positive towards Christianity and negative towards Paganism when the heathens wanted the devil to help them, Beowulf explained his fighting strategies against Grendel, and Beowulf defeated Grendel’s mother underwater. When the heathens wanted the devil to help them, they also got rid of some Pagan practices. Sacrificing old stone gods to get the devil’s attention is an example of moving away from Paganism and into Christianity. In the following quote, the heathens wanted the devil to help them in order to defeat Grendel. The narrator says, “That was their way, and the heathen’s only hope, Hell always in their hearts, knowing neither God nor his passing as he walks through our world, the Lord of Heaven and earth; their ears could not hear his praise…show more content…
Beowulf explains himself so the men in the hall know what is going to happen and how he is going to fight. As mentioned in the book, Beowulf plans to fight Grendel with his hands and not a sword. Beowulf says, “God must decide who will be given to death’s cold grip” (Raffel 174-175). This explains how Beowulf feels about fighting Grendel. He wants to have a fair fight with him since Grendel does not fight with swords. Beowulf believes God will take part in this fight by deciding who will win and who will die. He does not want to have an advantage or be the one who decides who wins and dies. Incorporating God into deciding the fate between Beowulf and Grendel is positive towards Christianity and not Paganism because God does not exist in the Pagan religion, but it does in

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