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Robert Louis’ script ‘the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ is a well and elaborative and fictional portrayal of the human character. The use of the two characters to show various behavioral characteristics that exists in human beings. The writer clearly describes the evil sides that affect Henry Jekyll that brings about the existence of Edward Hyde. Though Henry is a successful and well established doctor, after discovering his dark side, his thoughts become disoriented and this affects him although. Henry becomes very frustrated with the whole turn of events which in turn affects the people close to him like Dr. Lanyon and Mr.Utterson. Through the flow of events in the script we get the true identity of Henry Jekyll Henry Jekyll is charitable and welcoming. He was a prosperous man and was well known in the society due to his charitable works. The writer describes Jekyll as extremely wealthy with a fortune that amounted to over two million dollars. This shows that Henry was well capable of providing any sufficient support in case he was required to do. Also in his profession as a doctor he provided any necessary support to the members of the community he dwelt in and also even after moving to Soho he…show more content…
Henry claimed that in every human being there existed both the good and side of him or her. The state of hypocrisy comes about in the sense that everybody knew that he was a good and always welcoming, but on the other hand he felt that the bad character of him still existed. This makes him proceed with his scientific experiments of making concoctions in order to discover his bad side which at one time made him kill Sir Danvers Carew. He also quotes that that his idealism allowed him to maintain the respectable and the strictness bin the public while hiding his dark and indecent side. The character is also proud and this is seen when he sits and starts reflecting on how helpful he is to the

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