How Did Beowulf Change In Anglo Saxon Culture

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The Beowulf epic poem was created within the Anglo-Saxon culture, a society which was mainly lead by chieftains, who, theoretically, values were based on brotherhood, conflict, and survival. It helps one to understand how the people of that time and place felt with regard to different aspects in life. Our society has changed greatly, our point of view regarding such values as honor and courage, for instance, are not as significant as they once were to the Anglo-Saxon. Today, values are more likely to be based on what is for the common good, and on preventing conflict. Cultures change through the years, they changed as a result of moralistic development, and our level of maturity and intellect. We can see how these changes are reflected in…show more content…
As is known the Anglo-Saxons civilization was built in a belief of heroism. For this culture heroes were the people chosen by God, they were a sign of heaven being pleased with them. The Beowulf of the poem was known as the greatest warrior, who never fear or had compassion before killing those who decided to cause pain and harm to his people. This Beowulf knew that an evil creature, such as Grendel, should not receive any pity from his side. He was knowledge of what was good and evil. Hence, Beowulf’s actions were inspired by the greatness of his strength, courage, braveness, and honor. Therefore, we constantly see the narrator directing words to the audience such as, “But now a man, with the Lord's assistance, has accomplished something none of us could manage before now for all our efforts. Whoever she was who brought forth this flower of manhood, if she is still alive, that woman can say that in her labor the Lord of Ages bestowed a grace on her.” We observe of how after Beowulf’s victory, the narrator describes him as a warrior who has never before existed in the history. In the other we the Beowulf of the movie, which is presented as a human who decided to have compassion even for the horrible creature who is responsible for the dead of many people. The Beowulf of the seems to be as normal as a human can be. We can observe that in several parts of the…show more content…
He as the witch does not appear in the poem. This is one of the changes of the poem, that create the movie more realistic. Thanks to the character we realized, how really is Grendel in the movie. The fact that Grendel kept his son with his mother, let us interpret that Grendel is in some way a loving father who cares about his son. Thanks to this child, one point of view toward Grendel changes, instead of hate him for the chaos that he is causing, it make feel compassion for him, we as a son or daughter, can identify with the child and how we would feel if we lost our father. In the other side, he does not appear in the book, being as Grendel is a monster, they do not give that importance of Grendel in the poem as they do in the movie, the poem only explain how badly he is, when in the movie they show Grendel’s background and Grendel’s family, such as his son, which helps us to see at the end that Grendel was important for his son, because the child was rise by

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