Personal Narrative: Nebraska Furniture Mart

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The definition of being lost is not knowing someone’s whereabouts. My brother and I were definitely lost that cold winter day we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. My mother was nowhere to be found. We swore to ourselves that we had checked everywhere in that gigantic store. Well I guess we didn’t… Who wouldn’t be scared if they got lost in a huge place like Nebraska Furniture Mart with no way to get a hold of someone? I woke up to the sweet, smokey smell of crispy bacon. It was about ten o’clock so I decided it was time for my brother to wake up. After tip toeing across the hall I had finally made it to Dequan’s room. I pulled the warm fuzzy covers of his bed and placed an air horn by his ear. It was as silent as a sleeping baby in his room. I waited for the right moment and then I blew the air horn in his ear. The sound was so incredibly loud I think people in Africa might have heard it. He jumped out of his bed in, Hands trembling and face as bright red as an apple. No more than ten seconds later he became enraged. We got into a heated argument that turned into an all out brawl. Our mother ran up the stairs so fast it sounded like a stampede running through the savanna. came unglued on us. She was yelling at us and…show more content…
This area had video games, pool tables, air hockey, and even basketball goals. We were having so much fun that we lost track of time. My brother decided that we should go back to where my mom was, only she wasn’t there anymore. At first we thought that it was no big deal and that we would find her in a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes turned into couple of hours walking through the store seeking my mother. I look over and see that my brother had broken down into tears because we could not find mom. Before I knew it I started crying and we were just sitting in a puddle of tears in a corner. A worker named Monica noticed us crying and came rushing to us to try to solve the

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