Social Alienation On College Campuses

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Research suggests that college students under the age of 25 are slowly transitioning into lifestyles that appear to be more pleasure prone than their elders (Peterson, 1999). Likewise, fewer college students are willing to go without sex in an effort to prevent STD’s or HIV (Fergenbaum & Weinstein, 1995) and negative consequences are often linked with sexual risks on college campuses (Cooper, 2002).The problem with this behavior is that sexual promiscuity and other variables used on college campuses can lead to physical and psychological damage among emerging young adults. In most cases in addition to sexual promiscuity the other variable present is often alcohol (Morgan &Cross, 2003). This research will contribute to the literature by examining…show more content…
Alienation is defined as the process of separating, removing or a taking away (Sarfraz, 1997; Seeman, 1959; Williamson & Cullingford, 1997). The alienated person is one who has no strong attachment to the goals of society and subsequently is not motivated to abide by the norms set forth (Isreal, 1994). For the purpose of this study the term social alienation will be employed. Social alienation is described as a disconnection from relationships or groups in a social setting that leaves feelings of rejection or self worthlessness and often results in deviant behavior. The variables sexual promiscuity and alcohol use will be measured as deviant activities. It is hypothesized that there is a positive association with alienation, sexual promiscuity and alcohol use on Southern HBCU…show more content…
In addition, some writers suggest that an alienated person may feel that some form of disturbance has occurred in a relationship (Schabracq & Cooper, 2003; Case, 2007). How these particular relationships are measured can range from intimate relationships such as parent- child to relationships established within society and the institutions within it (Mehra, 1973, Case, 2007). A number of research regarding alienation focuses on intimate relationships such as parental alienation, however more research is needed in the area of social alienation on college campuses (Chen,

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