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1. Susan M. Swearer was the author for the article and Swearer was professor of school psychology at University, and had written few books about bullying prevention. He experience in her field and her education back ground had made her contributed to the article. She knew how bullying may affect students' behavior and psychologically. 2. Sweaere's purpose for this article was that cyber bullying should not distract from more traditional and more prevalent forms of buying. Cyber bullying had become gain publicity every since Megan Meier and Tyler Clementi committed suicide in 2006. The article was informative because all see Swearer was doing representing informative to his audience. I feel like the author was saying the traditional forms…show more content…
The article was published on March 8, 2014 and the article was in fact current because it was about a year ago when Swearer published this article. Cyber bullying was on the rise and it became popular. Tyle Clementi, who I had mentioned before in one of my articles killed herself in September 2010 before this article was published. There are not relating to the publication but I think Tyle Clementi's suicide was the closest publication as it can get. 4. I found online that the article was published on Washington Post and I did not see that coming. Why did it was published there and not on the new or social media website? I think if the article was published there, it was that big of deal. I think they want people see how important it was and once they see where it was published, they will take it serious. I am not concerned about bias because where it was published and I know that must be the government site, so nothing bias will be on it. 5. I think she used a lot of facts to support her point and I had been ethos too. Because she had knowledge about psychology and bullying, she would be able to other people. I did not see any pathos in her article. I think if she had some pathos in her article, the article would be even better. She found a great evidence, statics, and her experience are awesome, but there are not any of emotion that will make her

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